"I thoroughly enjoy our conversation and our exploration of a feasible action plan for me. Thanks!" - J.A.
"Of all the nutritionists I saw for years in the past at top hospitals in Boston, you are the best! I've really benefited from our time together." - Eileen from Holliston
"I've taken five inches off my waist. My blood pressure and blood sugar are normal now and I have much more energy!" - A cleint from Wellesley
"When I first started coming, I thought it was a lot of hogwash. As I kept coming and started to lose weight and other people in the family lost wieght, I changed my mind about it. Now I like the program. It makes me feel good about myself." - Peggy Gagner, A grandmother talking about the Shapedown Program for childhood weight management and family work.
"We had some silly times (and fun), that's part of what you gave to us -- that it didn't have to be a scary thing. We have had a very good summer. I think we are going to try and continue on our own at this point. Thank you very, very much for all of your help this past year. You've set us on a much healthier and happier track. Thank you again." - Annie Glater from Natick, speaking about the Shapedown Program for childhood weight management
"I'm always happy to see you" - Anonymous